Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Fall is in the Air

Fall has definitely arrived in Forks. The evenings and mornings are a little cooler and we have been experiencing some rain! In house, we have been getting out the fall decorations and this little guy is our fall greeter at the front door!

We have been serving some of our favorite breakfasts this week at the Miller Tree Inn.  Though we serve these breakfasts year round, they seem especially fitting for a brisk fall day.  Yesterday's breakfast was gingerbread pancakes, today we had a hearty eggs benedict and tomorrow orange croissant french toast is on tap.  

Have a wonderful fall!


  1. My name is Joy Souther Cullen. I would be interested in learning the history of changing the name of your Inn to Cullen House.

    1. We have not changed our name to the Cullen House. We continue to operate as the Miller Tree Inn. However, when Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series of books was published, we became the "Cullen House," for guests visiting around the world. Our house matches the description of where the Cullen family of vampires lived in this series of books. The first book came out in December of 2005. We have been nick named the Cullen House, pretty much ever since.