Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Artwork

We started out this morning with a dusting of snow and little tiny flakes falling.  It quickly turned to sleet and then to rain as the day warmed up a bit.  During these colder mornings, we often see the elk come down our way a bit.  Today was no exception.  They came down into the field next to us and were happily grazing with the cows in our neighbor's field.

This afternoon, we finally go the new artwork hung in the Country Clover room.  We are very happy with it and think the freshly painted walls really compliment the 3 pieces.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Country Clover Room

In December, we decided to paint the Country Clover room before the new wood floors were installed.  Before the family could eat Thanksgiving dinner, we made them vote on what color to choose! We also asked guests, employees and friends.  It was a toss up between two colors right down to the end.  We had to be the tie breakers, so we took the risk and went with the Ace paint called "flower pot".  We have gotten good comments from the guests so far.  We also took the pedestal sink out of the bathroom and put in a small vanity.  This gives our guests a little more room for their things.  We are happy with the change and hope our future guests will be, also.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day Weekend!

Love is in the air at the Miller Tree Inn.  We have had many lovely Valentine guests this weekend enjoying our wet and windy weather.  It may be wet outside, but inside is warm and cozy!  Blarney has been busy keeping the guests company and trying to share his time with anyone willing to give him a pet or a scratch behind the ear.

For those of you with Monday off, we still have rooms available Sunday night.  Come join us!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A "Cat's" Eye View of the Sunset Room

We have been anxious to show off the new hardwood floors in the Sunset room.  We decided to do it from Blarney's point of view.  He is, after all the most important in the house.  So here is our "cat's" eye view of the new floors.  We think they turned out beautifully and our guests seem to like them. More importantly, though, Blarney has given his "paw" of approval.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

What is New at the Inn

Yikes!  Have we really not added a post since Halloween?  Apparently, so.  It was brought to our attention this week by one of our followers.  We will try to give you a brief run down of what has been happening for the last couple of months.

Just after Halloween, the Miller Tree Inn innkeepers attended their annual B&B conference at the "Future of Flight" in Everett.  It was a wonderful event learning new things and renewing friendships with fellow innkeepers.  Then we had an unexpected trip to California for a family event.  Then it was the holidays and some remodeling that happened.  We finally got the last room put back together about a half hour before the guest for that room checked in! (Thanks to Cheryl.) Nothing like being on a deadline...  Anyway, in a future post we will show you what we did to the Sunset and Country Clover rooms.  Not as big of a project as past years, but one for which innkeeper Bill did most of the work.

Yesterday we got our UPS order of new sheets from the Comphy Company.  Blarney, the inn cat, decided he needed to help unpack them.  Don't worry, they will all go through the wash before going on any beds!