Sunday, August 30, 2015

What a Storm!

Yesterday we awoke to a big rainstorm.  We were very excited to see it, as it has been an exceptionally dry and warm summer.  Our fire danger was very high and the rains helped with that.  Then, the winds came!  We have downed limbs all over our yard.  It will take quite an effort to clean things up.  Many people surrounding us, lost power.  We were some of the lucky ones, who did not.  Roads into Rialto and the Hoh Rainforest were closed yesterday.  We are hoping they will open up today.  Our guests will be disappointed if they cannot get down to the rainforest.

Today we woke up to sunshine, but we know not to get too excited.  More rain is on the way.  Innkeeper Bill says it is because he is going on a hiking trip this week.  It could be.  It rained on last year's hike too!

Most of us are thankful for the rain, though.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Only in Washington Named Miller Tree Inn one of the Top Ten Bed and Breakfast Inns

This morning we awoke to the news that we had been named one of the top B&B's in the state by Only In Washington.  It was a surprise to us and we did not know we were in the running!  Thanks to all of our fabulous guests for making it happen.  You are appreciated.  If you haven't styed with us, yet, we hope that we will get a chance to meet you.  If you have stayed with us, thank you very much.  If you think your stay was exceptional, a nice review on a review site would be welcome.  All of us small properties really take those reviews to heart.  The great ones make our hearts soar and remind us of all the wonderful people we have an opportunity to meet.  Unfortunately, the not so great ones hurt us, both personally and professionally.  In our experience, many of the problems could have been solved, if the reviewer had just spoken to us.  Though it might help the next guest, we would like to have the opportunity to help the guest with the problem.  We cannot fix things that we do not know about, and that is discouraging. 

Several years ago, we planted a red and white garden outside our office window.  We tried to plant things that enjoy the shade.  We have been nursing our fuschia bush for many years, now and this year it really looks good and we wanted to share that with you all.