Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blarney is Venturing Outside

Bill has decided that Blarney is established enough to begin to be able to go outside for short periods of time.  Today he explored the front porch and then found his way into a patch of shamrock plants.  We think it must be because of his Irish name!

Innkeepers and guests alike have been enchanted by Blarney's friendly personality and playfulness.  We think he will be a good inn kitty.


  1. Beautiful kitty. A cat gingerly exploring outside makes you smile, they're so curious yet so careful and acutely aware of every little thing going on around them when they get to venture out.

  2. He is getting bolder in his explorations and with the nice weather, he is outside more than he is inside and loving it. He is pretty good about coming when he is called, though.