Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Edward!

June 20, 2010

Today is Edward's 17th birthday, AGAIN! We have left a birthday sign on our front porch for people to leave Edward a message on. It is a vampire perfect day in Forks. The skies are overcast and just a little drizzle.


  1. Seeing a new Cullen blog makes me giggle. I cannot believe we're spending our 29th birthday's flying across the country to be in Forks!!! We cannot wait to be surrounded by people who are just as crazy as we are!!!!! Oh and Happy Birthday Edward!!!

  2. I stayed at the Cullen House in April and everyone in Forks was super sweet. The rooms in the house are nice and the beds are amazing. I got to talk to a few locals and its interesting all the opinions on Twilight. Forks is the most beautiful place Ive ever been to. I'm so planning a trip #2

  3. happy birthday edward cullen.......he and his cullen family with bella and jacob would always last in my heart.............

  4. Edward... This should be your Happiest 17th Birthday ever ... this time you get to share it with your long awaited love, Bella ... CHEERS!!! Enjoy your special day.

    Robbie and Forrest Malone
    Washington, DC

  5. Happy Birthday Edward I love you!!!!!!