Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Cullen House Innkeepers Holiday Travel

January 6, 2010

Happy 2010! The 12 days of Christmas are officially over and the Christmas decorations are coming down at the Cullen House. Valentine decorations are taking their place.

The Miller Tree Inn, innkeepers, Bill and Susan took a little holiday trip to see family. On their way to Idaho, they stopped at the View Point Inn. The View Point Inn is the site where the prom scenes were filmed for the Twilight movie. It is a beautiful spot with great views of the Columbia River.

On the way back from Idaho, Bill and Susan stopped for breakfast at The Carver Cafe, which is the place where Bella and her Dad eat in the Twilight movie and where Stephenie Meyer makes her cameo appearance. It was a fun experience and we recommend it to Twilight fans.


  1. Hi, Cullen House, my cousin and I will be staying with you in March, and we can't wait! We will also be making side trip to the View Point Inn and staying there a few nights.

  2. That sounds wonderful!
    My husband and I are going to Oregon next month, we are having lunch at the Carver Cafe one day and we are actually staying at the View point Inn on Valentine's Day, we literally can't wait, though that's not before I stay with you guys for 3 nights next week! Soooo excited!
    See ya next week :)

  3. It sounds amazin ! I really wanna come c Forks when I come, visit my Auntie and Uncle in the summer. Coming 2 Forks will be an amazin birthday prezzi 4 me, can't wait!

  4. Too funny we are coming up to see you this weekend and you have been in my neck of the woods this past weekend! Good times...hope you enjoyed Oregon we are looking forward to staying up there and exploring Forks!