Thursday, July 9, 2009

Edward Wearing the latest Graduation Cap

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Edward is wearing the latest graduation cap that we have received. Our decorator/artist thinks she has enough caps to make the "Graduation Artwork." Thanks to all who sent or brought their graduation caps to the Miller Tree Inn. The work should be finished in the next couple of weeks. If all goes well, we will have it ready for Stephenie Meyer Day in September.


  1. Thank you so much to the Miller Tree Inn for such a beautiful stay in the Sunset room! It truly brought magic to our pilgrimage from Florida to Forks. We can't wait until we come vistit you again. And we are so pleased that the cap fits just right! We are honored to donate our grad caps to such a worth cause, and we are dazzled to know that we are now part of its history!


    Deanna & Danelle
    St. Petersburg, Fl

  2. The real frame is made of oak. it was painted lamp black. The graduation caps are cardboard covered with material. not attached very well(it was a prop) I am re attaching the caps next week. The frame will probably go down to California. Possibly to a famous book store for book signings.
    It may be for sale at that time. I have been tempted to sell it already.

    Charles Miller.
    Salem, Or.