Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Cullen House Innkeepers Have Returned

April 19, 2009

The Cullen House Innkeepers have finally returned from Florida. We missed seeing Bella's mother. She must have been on the road with the baseball team.

We had a wonderful time on our trip and our innsitters, Michelle, Cheryl and Mary did an outstanding job of taking care of the Cullen family's guests in our absence. We are sorry that we missed meeting so many of you, but know you were in good hands.

We just missed seeing the Cullen's, except for Alice. She spent most of yesterday on the front porch interacting with our many visitors. Though not raining, it was overcast, so she did not have to worry about sparkling! Alice left to join the rest of the family in South America this morning. They are all helping Carlisle with some medical research.

We have enjoyed reading all the comments sent while we were away and will be posting some pictures that some guests sent within the next few days.

One of the comments mentioned that this house does not match the one from the movie. Good observation. Our Cullen House, does more closely resemble the one described in the book, however. Many of the people that have visited Forks and fallen in love with this house were disappointed in the house used in the movie. We think that the house used in the Twilight movie was a very beautiful house with outstanding architecture. However, we are rather partial to our house and think it is more like the book.


  1. hi it was my comment that said that it wasn't the cullen's house in the movie thanks for explaining to be and i can't wait to hear all the new things my friend michelle worked there and just left and won't be back for a little while but sent me a post card from there it was so coll thanks

  2. why must u make it out to be as if the cullens are really vampires and they really sparkle? ifthis is true then have one of them come to my house in mississippi! and don't say they can be were its sunny because they know when i weather will be rain or an overcast. and u know they have all the time in the world. but u know what i don't. so if there coming please make it fast!

  3. haha hey chill. I am a twilight addict. and if I had the opportunity to have my own imaginary Cullen world- you know I wouldn't turn it down! She is very lucky to have such an amazing b&b! and an amazing imagination!